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What am I doing here?

May 24, 2010

I’ve thought a lot about how to present my professional activities here in a digestable way. It’s hard. My ideas went from titles like “Mi a franc az a vidékfejlesztés?!” to listing all the abbreviations I come across during one day. Both approaches might describe the complexity of DG Agri quite well but I found them little helpful in the end.

So here is what I’ve come up with instead: the top 5 pages of my work notebook, presented here exclusively for you! This is a big thing, you know. Believe it or not, we were told not to establish contacts with the press. Topics such as the CAP post-2013 and state aid for biofuels yes or no are hot! And I deal with them every day since I landed in a kind of coordination unit for rural development policy. Of course I don’t decide anything, but I might contribute to a note on how to better address climate change mitigation through the forestry measures.

[For those who don’t know what a forestry measure is: Rural Development Policy in the EU is specified by so called measures on the operational level. These are basically financial channels that Member States can choose to promote certain aspects in rural areas – the restructuring of the agrarian sector, environmental sustainability or the quality of life in villages. Not all measures are implemented all over the EU. For example, measures to make agriculture more environmentally friendly (argri-environment measures) are obligatory everywhere,  whereas there are special measures designed for the transformation of agriculture in the new member states.

The forestry measures like afforestation of agricultural land or setting up of agro-forestry systems are mainly aimed to achieve environmental objectives, but usually have the side-effect of adding an income option to the livelihood of farmers. Since I am the “forestry expert” in my unit, I deal with these measures quite a lot. The thing is, their current design and structure is debated and it is clear that they have to be simplified and made more effective in order to better mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. ]

Puuh, enough. Even if you don’t understand all this (don’t think so) or you don’t care for all this (hope not!), you might enjoy the following bits and pieces of my accumulated wisdom:

Top 1

My best work-related piece of art so far.

Top 2

DG Regio on simplification: "We can't expect a PhD in european affairs from every beneficiary."

Top 3

Thoughts on agri-environment and climate change.

Top 4

Axis 3 stuff for insiders.

Top 5

Again: I love green.

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