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Moving again

May 27, 2010

It’s incredible how you are not able to be in one single place any more for, let’s say, five months. They don’t let you. One sunny Saturday afternoon they come knocking on your door telling you to pack your stuff until Thursday. Landlord didn’t extend the contract. But don’t worry, the new appartment is already found. Never mind that it is still being renovated and that until it’s ready you have to move to yet another apartment.

Never mind that you should have told me about a month ago!!! And I surely would have told you no thanks, I’m looking for something else! But well, we are flexible, young and dynamic. A challenge like this will look great on our CV, we are used to sleep in different places all the time anyway and we are happy to blog about it in four languages. Apart from that we are smart, polite and well educated. We, the instant generation.

I am so fed up with all this, you can’t believe it. I moved three times last year and I will move my second time today or tomorrow this year. Depends. Tomorrow afternoon I am leaving for Antwerp to spend the weekend there. I will find out today after 7 p.m. whether I have to transfer all my stuff (without a car, by the way) right away or Sunday night. Until then, I am trying not to freak out, blogging, and having a lovely glass of french red wine.

For you not to freak out, the last three pictures of my current room, which I will miss (therefore nosztalgia). If you are connected enough, my new address will be communicated to you in the near future. Santé!

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