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Frequently observed phenomena

May 26, 2011

As you all know, I am more German than I would like to – orderly, always looking for a system in the chaos and declaring as phenomena what others might merely call a coincidental accumulation of unpleasant observations.

Anyway, there are definitely things here that I see a lot more often than elsewhere. Passed out drunken men in the middle of the street in the middle of the day. Braided hair on top, 10cm heels on the ground and an artful composition of make-up, glitter and fake leather in between. I have mentioned the uniforms.

Unfortunately, I do not dare to take pictures of these so far. So  you have to content yourself with the other phenomena I just need to share with you today – masses of people, potholes/Schlaglöcher/tankcsapdák (Hungarian is the best!), endless construction sites and traffic, people buying stuff, low hanging cables  adding authenticity to photos of beautiful churches.






Oh, I forgot the following phenomena:

– People using electronic reading devices everywhere.

– Spontaneous agglomeration of people on the exact spot where I am. This has happened already in the train where I was sitting with six people in a compartment within an otherwise empty carriage; in a deserted public toilet where five people where standing in line when I came out; and at a blini stand – totally empty when I arrived, hungry crowd behind me by the time I ordered (ok, it took me quite long and finally I got one with vanilla sauce instead of the intended ham and cheese one …).

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