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Country roads

February 4, 2012





After the most overwhelming traffic jam of my life on Thika Road, Nairobi, I spent some time in more tranquile regions of this great country. My overall impression: the dust is prevailing, as are these three-wheeled vehicles that look like the egg dropping bird in Angry Birds (unfortunately not in any picture). This last sentence might give a hint to the insightful reader about my mental stage in the eveneings – too tired to read, too lazy to go out, too afraid to walk in the dark, too disconnected for Skype, but with a new smartphone that offers plenty of entertainment even offline.

But back to the country roads theme. Have I told you that this new kind of travelling – business travel – totally freaks me out? You either sit in a conference room, on an airplane, in a cab, or in the best case in some vehicle of some local NGO. But you never walk. This is because you are always busy. It adds to the challenge that you normally carry around a laptop and some other equipment that might be worth the triple annual wage of a local salesperson. You can see above that I still did it, but that’s why I have so few pics. Next time maybe more.

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