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The masonic ways – first guest post ever by Mr. K!

August 3, 2012

How to make yourself totally unintelligible to common folks: A view on specialized and abbreviated realities

UNFCCC, WFP, FAO, WB, IFAD, MD, GDP, GOP, CIF, FOB, FPIC and FAQ  –  the list goes on.  Some even have double or triple meaning depending on which “masonic order” you belong to.

In every profession we have abbreviations. Some of them are funny, most are not. Some of them are common knowledge, most are not.

What is common knowledge nowadays anyway?

Most is not, but here my thoughts wander off.

Basically every profession does have their own secret language or subsets of languages that are their own. Ask a managing director (MD) of a company what GDP means, he will give you a different answer than the medical doctor (MD), or the Methodist drug user. I know the last is not a profession but he will recognize a certain breed of plant as GDP.

And if you have heard of Gross Domestic Product, Guanosin 5-Diphosphate and Grand Daddy Purple then you are in a lot of scenes at the same time. Congratulations and OMG…

Thanks folks and good night.


Editor’s note: Dear friends, after a long-long time of no see, I am back with a new posting format, thanks to the daring initiative of Mr. K. What goes through my head now allows guest contributors to express their thoughts, filosofic wanderings and other materials right here, right now. I will be the filter of course. Interested people please contact me via comments. Hungarian native speakers highly welcome.

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  1. August 29, 2012 15:25

    én mint HNS nagyon örülök, hogy megint írtál ide.
    MP és PLE (Találd ki :-))


  1. A magical day at IDB | ami a fejemen átmegy

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