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You smile

February 4, 2013

Your job is not that new any more. Sexiness is wearing off. You travel the world. Jetlags, business dinners, taxi drives. You miss your friends. They are far away. Or parents. Or both. Some of them you haven’t seen for three years. Is it worth it? You don’t know. They do the same. And sometimes your worlds collide. Here is how.

You sit in Kenya. On a sunny Sunday afternoon there is a mail from Ms B. She is in Madagascar, researching ants. Passing through Nairobi Friday night – are you there? Sure! What a motivation to make it through the week. You work late, you count the days, you can’t wait. On Friday, you  rush through town.  Get stuck in traffic jam. You finally make it. You meet her at a rooftop bar. Have a beer. Nairobi by night. You continue conversation where you left it two years ago. You think, wow. Maybe it is worth it. Next day you book a Safari. You drive, you look, you drift, you dream.  You think what the fuck happened all these years. You feel old, you cry, you laugh, you remember, you plan, you talk talk talk. Rhinos pass by. At sunset you get out of the car. You pose. You are happy. You smile.


Dedicated to Ms B with lots of love across the Great Pond – soon to be united in D.C.!!!

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  1. Kati permalink
    February 4, 2013 21:53


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