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Snow Day

January 21, 2014

For the second time in six weeks they shut down public life in DC because of  2cm of snow. Once again it is amazing to experience stuff like this in the world’s greatest country. Oh well. I enjoy my extended birthday weekend very much: reading, blogging, listening to music, staring out the window.



This is how I discovered that even Elvis sang gospel. In honor of Martin Luther King Day yesterday, my favorite Italian friend in DC, Ms. A, and I commemorated the guy at the Kennedy Center. It was an interesting experience for many reasons. First, it was not a young professionals’ happy hour. Second, I saw parts of population who don’t seem to live in my hood. Third, the gospel songs played at the concert perfectly aligned with an American topic I am into lately – the roots of blues and soul music. Basically I am fascinated by this episode when African music turned into everything that is the foundation of modern rock and pop, in the southern states of the US. The Elvis song is a good example. Happy Snow Day to all.

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