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Ordinary Fiji

November 5, 2016

I am having a blast in Fiji without even having touched the ocean yet. 

Ok, I did test the temperature – it’s lukewarm. But other than that, there is so much other interesting stuff going on. I will eventually get to the white sand beaches and the palm trees hanging in from the side, don’t worry. But currently I am in Suva, the capital, checking out the country’s history and culture. 

In this process of ultra slow travel, I have somehow managed to totally avoid the crowds (seriously, I don’t even know where they are) and meet a friendly local almost every day. I think it is a first for me out of all the countries I have been to that so far every single day someone has offered me a ride out of the blue. On day one, an Indian lady saw me getting off the bus and asked her husband to drive me the 1-2km to the orchid garden I wanted to visit on the outskirts of Nadi.  Then an Australian guy doing some kind of business that I didn’t understand stopped his cab on the highway to take me to the next village. The lady who sat next to me on yet another bus (Sigatoka to Suva), hearing that it was my first time in Fiji, insisted to help me once we arrived in the big city and asked her relative waiting for her to make a detour to my hotel before driving home. She is from one of the outer islands in the Lau group, Fiji’s far east another three and a half hours away. She hasn’t been home for 31 years and said I reminded her of her daughter, before inviting me to her new village on the main island. 

These encounters are so nice! What have I done all these years since last traveling like this, where have I been?! Anyways. Lastly, Seru, the guy I met today at the local fish ‘n chips joint offered me a ride back to my hotel after we talked at length about the Fiji National Rugby team and other issues of utmost importance. Also, I helped him set up an Airbnb account 🙂 He plays the bass in the Grand Pacific Hotel’s weekend ensemble and suggested I come over for some live music tonight. 

Before I do that, here are some impressions of ordinary Fiji:

Local heroes, winners of Fiji’s first ever Olympic medal earlier this year.

On my way from Nadi to Suva, with a stop in Sigatoka.

Other passangers on the Nadi-Suva line.

View from the South Seas Private Hotel, where I am writing this.

I also go out and see places. Garden of the Fiji Museum.

Lunch in Suva.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 18, 2016 10:43

    nagyon érdekes képek. végülis a világ vége csak innen nézve az. hajlandóak vagyunk mindig meglepödni, hogy ott is hétköznapi élet folyik.

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