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International sign language

March 5, 2017

Funny how it’s obvious that this is a post box. Although I don’t understand anything that’s written on it, except maybe that 14011 could be the postal code, this object has some attributes that make it recognizable as a collection point for mail. It’s red, it’s mounted on a post, it’s official-looking (maybe because it’s locked) and it’s located in a prominent spot right next to an intersection. 

There are a few universal signs that hunanity has created and I find it fascinating. Like nodding/bowing your head and muttering whatever you think means “hello” in the local language as a sign of greeting. I haven’t been to a place so far where that wasn’t recognized. Also, there are new ones added as societies change. “ATM” – if there is one – seems to be a universal sign these days, written in latin characters even on the remotest of dirt roads. 

What are other universal signs and gestures? And what are signs that you thought where universal but turned out not to be?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 5, 2017 17:00

    Gondolom még egy nyíl is ilyen általános jel. Mindenki azonnal egy útirányra gondol. Mindenesetre érdekes gondolat. Úgyanúgy érdekes lehet egy gesztus. Ott sem olyan sok a teljesen általános. Hiszen pl. a bólogatás nem mindenhol egyetértést fejez ki, ahogy az ember gondolná. De pl. egy kinyújtott kar és felfelé nyított tenyér – szerintem az mindenhol kéregetést jelent.

    • March 6, 2017 02:56

      Aha a nyíl az nagyon jó, arra nem is gondoltam. Nagyon alap. Meg persze a mosoly 🙂

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